Vocal stems

My vocal stems, grouped into artist and album. If you make anything with them, contact me. I’d love to hear it. elizabethsunner@gmail.com or Twitter

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105 BPM – End (Elizabeth discovers the joy and wonders of vocoders)

90 BPM – They (No notes.)

100 BPM – How To Properly Wear Your Human Exterior (Amazing what you can do with an autotune, yeah ?)


Aware (SINGLE)

110 BPM – Sorry (At the end I might have gotten a bit lightheaded.)


90 BPM – Breathe (LINK) (No notes.)


80 BPM – Helsier (LINK) (The first and probably only vocal Avura release.)


NOT RELEASED YET, SoundCloud releases

91 BPM – Composed (LINK)

Three (Single)

80 BPM – Three

Window (Single)

162 BPM – Window (So I discovered how to use autotune without pitch snap.)

The Shitty Synthetic You EP

100 BPM – Canine (No notes.)

100 BPM – Stars (Yes, that’s me singing. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; amazing what you can do with autotune, yeah ?)

118 BPM – Ties (No notes.)