I’ve been making music since 2013. My first album was a chiptune album, but it was VERY bad. I’ve definitely gotten better since then. I might remake some old songs of mine soon, who knows ?

Not all of my music is available anymore. I’ve deleted a lot of it. In early 2015 I had a bandcamp called “Cats and Birds”. It’s deleted now, but that’s what I consider to be my REAL start in music, because I had just started to learn how to equalize my music when I started that project. That music can be downloaded here.

Also, premade loops are bad okay, but I personally don’t use them. I’ve only used one premade loop once, and that was in this song. But people like Akira Yamaoka sometimes use premade loops, so I guess they’re not as bad as I thought they once were.

On rodent-cat.bandcamp make all sorts of music. You can see here what types of music I make there.

On syntheticyou.bandcamp I only make Electro-Industrial/anything dance-y. This is my side-project.

On aviesunner.bandcamp I make three main things; ambient, soft electronic, and electronic with vocals.

Here’s my Soundcloud page. I will not be posting a blog post whenever there’s a new track on Soundcloud.

Feel free to share my music with your friends.

Below are all of my public albums at this time. Keep in mind that these are not all of my albums, as a lot of them were either made private, deleted, or lost forever.