Hire me maybe ?



Hi, I’m R-CAT (Elizabeth Sunner) and I’m looking to be hired for either art or music. Mainly music.
I make many genres of music, a few personal favourites of which can be found here: https://thesunners.wordpress.com/personal-favourites-of-rodent-cat-and-avie-sunner/
Most sound design is original. Synths, pads, machinery, rhythmic percussion (as heard in From The Inside), screams, noises, etc. So, yes, I could probably do sound effects for you as well.
Do you need a horror OST ? Check Stay Silent (throughout the entire thing. It gets pretty heavy near the end) and Heartroom. And on the less intense side of things, try Helzakia’s Monsters. Also, this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eV7nPfcpKQ
Maybe some chill ambient-electronic ? Check Forest II and Grave Digging.
Or maybe a blood-pumping EDM or DnB OST ? Check April Maze (DnB) and Three (EDM).
Or maybe you need jazz, of all the things ? Can do’s-ville, babydoll; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVUElXtnp1Y It’s kinda old, though, so the mastering is a bit off.
And as for the art, well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yq0wZGOQNU this should be a pretty good example of what I can do with pixel art. Also, a lot of my art can be found here; http://elizabeththecatthing.deviantart.com/
Prices for music:
Assuming that each track is around 3 minutes or less:
4 USD – First track
+2 USD – Every other track
But every 3 minutes added is +2 USD.
6 USD – 6 minute track
And so on.
Prices for art:
2 dollars per hour.

EMAIL: elizabethsunner@gmail.com