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Site changes and other stuff

So, a lot of site-related stuff has been done today.

A format change to the assets page, a new vocal stems page (accessible by the assets page), and a new links page. And not only that, but each asset will get their own page now (which will be accessed by the assets page itself)

More stuff: a new asset has been released today. The orch hit I made that was used in Our World’s End. Downloadable here.

And, with the addition of the new vocal stems page, I have uploaded every vocal stem for albums I am working on/single tracks I have released. No actual albums included becauseidonthaveanyalbumswithvocalsreleasedyet

Which, by the way, if you make anything with my content you should definitely shoot me an email ( or let me know on my Twitter


One more thing. New game in the works. I am so sick and tired of platformers, so it’s a horizontal-scrolling shmup.


Look at her. Her name is “Lins”


Anyways yeah that’s all the stuff for today byeeeeeeeee